Candidate for Senator 2013: Edward Hagedorn and His Profile

Mayor Edward Hagedorn for Senator 2013

Edward Hagedorn
Edward S. Hagedorn, candidate for senator, 2013 – Independent
Edward Solon Hagedorn is the mayor of Puerto Princesa City, the capital of the island province of Palawan.

Edward Hagedorn was elected as Mayor of Puerto Princesa City in 1992. He is best recognized as one of the more successful progressive local leaders of the Philippines with his passion and dedication towards the protection of the environment. He has established Puerto Princesa City as a model of eco-tourism for the country.

In 2007 with Edward Hagedorn’s leadership, Puerto Princesa was declared a highly urbanized city and became independent of the province.

Edward Hagedorn completed his education from St. Andrew’s School – Parañaque, San Sebastian College – Recoletos and from the University of the East in the City of Manila.

He is currently the Chairman of the League of Cities of the Philippines.

As the Senyor Tagbalay of Tagbalay Foundation, Inc., he reiterated that his environment is his home. “My environment is my home… and just as I do not violate my own home, so must I not violate my environment,” he said. “Instead, I should only preserve, protect, and restore it to life. My environment nurtures me to life so must I embrace it as my own.”

With the overwhelming support of the people of Puerto Princesa, Edward Hagedorn transformed the city as a major eco-tourism destination and model in environment protection. It became a Hall of Fame Awardee for being the cleanest and greenest component city in the Philippines. And has been generously given national and international awards and recognition for various innovative programs and projects a proof of seriousness of purpose and magnitude of success.

Other Personal Details of Mayor Edward Hagedorn

Born: October 12, 1946 (age 66) at Parañaque, Rizal
Political Party: Independent
Spouse: María Elena Marcelo
Children: Eva Christie, Elroy John
Residence: Puerto Princesa City, Palawan


  • Earth Day Award, 1993
  • “Hoy! Gising” Award, 1993
  • Best Local Government Unit Award, 1994
  • Macli-ing Dulag Environmental Achievement Award, 1994
  • Gantimpalang Panglingkod (GALING-POOK) Award for Bantay Puerto Program, 1994
  • Award of Excellence: Cleanest and Greenest Component City of the Philippines, 1994
  • Best Tourist Destination, 1994
  • Peace Award, 1995
  • Commerce and Conscience Award, 1995
  • Cleanest Inland Body of Water, Region IV, 1995
  • Nutrition Green Banner Award, 1995
  • Award of Excellence: Cleanest and Greenest Component City of the Philippines, 1995
  • Most Outstanding Performer of the Year, 1996
  • Best City Police Station, 1996
  • Best Local Government Unit, 1996
  • Management Awards of Asia (for Development Management), 1996
  • Gawad Pamana ng Lahi (Heritage Award), 1996
  • Likas-Yaman Awards for Environmental Execellence, 1996
  • Gantimpalang Panglingkod (GALING-POOK) Awards (1996) for: The Oplan Linis Program; The City Satellite Hospitals; and The City Satellite Libraries
  • Most Active Proponent of Coastal Clean-up, 1996
  • Hall of Fame Award (Regional Clean and Green), 1996
  • Award of Execellence: Cleanest and Greenest Component City of the Philippines, 1996
  • Most Distinguished Alumnus (San Sebastian College-Recoletos), 1997
  • Global 500 Roll of Honour Award (UNEP), 1997
  • Gantimpalang Panglingkod (GALING-POOK) Award for Carabao and Tractor Pool, 1997
  • Hall of Fame Award (AIM), 1997

Plus countless other Plaques of Appreciation and Recognition

Sources:, Edward Hagedorn’s official website

Among the names found in this list, who will you probably vote for as VICE MAYOR of Muntinlupa City, if elections were held today?




  1. I vote mayor hagedorn for Senator.!mabuhay ka mayor,isa po ako sa mga natulong nyo noon.!i will support for your campaign.

  2. Sir edward HAGEDORN… suportado pokita at ng aking pamilya,… naniniwala po ako sa iyong adhikain.. gusto ko rin po maging volunteer mo d2 sa cavite… salamat po at mabuhay kayo…

  3. I’ll be voting for you mayor as our Senator.. I have met Mayor personnally and talk to him and he is a true person, may God be always with you,. God bless ho.

  4. this is an assurance of one vote for senator Edward Hagedorn. I beg everyone to ensure him of one senatorial seat. The man is great and true leader.

  5. i will absolutely vote Mayor Edward Hagedorn for Senator, isa syang taong marangal at may paninindigan at walang dungis ang pangalan. ang kailangan ng bansa natin. ang tunay na lider ng masang pilipino. i salute you mayor Edward.Senator Hagedorn.

  6. I’m from Bacolod City father of your hijado PCInspector Marlu ; married to Sheila Negosa . I want to help your campaign in Negros. I have a pick up truck, we can use this for recorida around town. just send me your campaign materials, tarps , handbills my address: 12 venus St., Hillside Subd., Mansilingan Bacolod City … Cell # 09487441670 (034)7070396 note: speaker system is already installed , i am campaigning for a local councilor( Carl Lopez) Thank You and Good Luck

    • why do you think Mayor Hagedorn is corrupt?
      I’am interested about it.Please do share

  7. Hello mayor, will definitely vote for you….already campaigned you to my family, agents and employees…:):) Goodluck. You are always included in our prayers…

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